A Day To Remember - 'Homesick'

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Review by Anthony Avina


Hailing from sunny Florida, the hardcore punk rockers A Day to Remember are releasing a non-stop flurry of intense rock and roll in their latest album, 'Homesick.' Having formed in 2003, the band has been recording and touring for nearly seven years now and have built a major fan base with dedicated, loyal fans who will not be disappointed with this latest album.

The band features such great talent as Jeremy McKinnon on vocals, Neil Westfall on rhythm guitar and backup vocals, Kevin Skaff on lead guitar and backup vocals, Joshua Woodard on bass guitar and backup vocals, and Alex Shelnutt on drums and percussion. With a unique sound that has elements of hardcore scream rockers Chiodos and punk rockers all around the world, the band has toured with such great acts as Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada and Protest the Hero. With Jeremy’s unique blend of hardcore screaming to complement the soothing vocal range he constantly shows on the bands' album, and the bands' in synch combination of heavy guitar riffs, melodic bass undertones and insane and never ending drumming, A Day to Remember has consistently proven they are a force to be reckoned with in their genre.

With such songs as 'The Downfall of Us All,' 'Welcome to the Family,' and “Homesick”, the band showcases its wide range of talent while producing a harmonious album that fans will instantly fall in love with. In stores now, Rock on Request highly recommends 'Homesick' to all fans of hard core rock, screamo rock and heavy punk rock alike.