Four Letter Lie - 'A New Day'

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Review by Anthony Avina



While there are some bands that overuse the technique of screaming to fuse with their music, there are many bands that properly incorporate it into their style. This is the case for Four Letter Lie, the Minnesota based post-hardcore band. Bringing forth their fifth album, 'A New Day,' the band fuses hard core vocalization with heavy hitting instrumentals to give fans an endless rock fest.

The band consists of five members: Brian Nagan on vocals, Conner Kelly on guitar, John Waltmann on guitar, Dirty Sean on bass guitar, and Tai Wright on drums. The group adds its voice to an elite group of hardcore rockers that have enraptured fans for years. Having formed in 2004, the band has toured consistently on such major tours as the Vans Warped Tour and the Taste of Chaos tour, and has joined such great bands as Memphis May Fire, Pierce the Veil, and A Static Lullaby.

'A New Day' features such amazing tracks as 'Daymaker,' which showcases the great  use of intense scream singing, and 'Careless Lover,' which shows that scream singers can still bring forth a great vocal performance. The album is full of love, tragedy, and great rock music. The guitar riffs are spectacular, the vocals are amazing, and the drums are not only consistent but never ending, and make fans want to jump up and bang their heads up and down to the music. We here at Rock on Request love this album, and all hardcore, punk, and rock fans should pick up their copy today.