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Review by Anthony Avina


One of the oldest traditions of rock music is for hard rock and metal bands to make contributions to horror movies. The music has always had the appeal to horror fans, and so creating eerie and hard hitting songs for an album is something rock bands always look forward to. This is the case with the full length album for the movie, Saw VI.

Featuring the likes of Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Danko Jones, Memphis May Fire and Shadows Fall, this is definitely a dark yet hard rock music album. Full of soulful and elegantly rough vocals, non-stop guitar riffs, and insane drumming, this album shows off the darker and yet graceful side of rock. In order to capture the element of a movie about a psychopathic man who kidnaps people and puts them through horrendous acts of torture in what he dubs a “game of survival”,  there was never a doubt that hard rock and metal were meant to bring out the edge the album needed.

The great standouts on the album are Lacuna Coil’s 'The Last Goodbye', the hard rock band Hatebreed’s 'In Ashes they shall reap', and Danko Jones’s 'Code of the Road'. Those songs really capture every side of the album, from the graceful yet hard rock side, to the straight up hard rock, to the full blown heavy metal side. They bring out the feeling of Good vs. Evil that defines every serial killer horror movie, and build an anticipation like no other. The way they split up the album is even better. There are six songs labeled “6 Chances”, six songs labeled “6 Lessons”, and six songs labeled “6 Choices”. This album tells a story all of its own and was a great album to rock out to. It definitely has us anxious to see the latest installment in the Saw franchise.