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Review by Anthony Avina



Hard rock is what drives Rock on Request magazine. While we love punk, pop rock, and many of rocks' other genres, hard rock has always been a favorite of this magazine. So when we received a copy of the debut album of Destrophy, we couldn’t resist. This album defines hard rock, and is not for the mild- hearted.

Destrophy is a four piece band that helms from Des Moines, Iowa. The rock/metal band has enjoyed renowned praise in the rock industry, and has been known for putting on an intense rock show. The band, having formed in 2002, is made up of four members: Ari on guitar and vocals, Phil T. on bass, Joe Fox on drums, and former Stone Sour member Bruce Swink on guitar. The band has enjoyed a rigorous tour schedule, which has included tours with Drowning Pool, Buckcherry, Disturbed, Saliva, and many more.

With a unique blend of pop rock and metal, the band has won great praise from Victory Records, who recently signed the band to a multiple album deal. President Tony Brummel of Victory Records expects great things of the band, and predicts the release of the album will enrapture the nation and the world. With such hard core songs as 'Send in the Wolves' and 'The Story of your Life', the band shows its unique vocal abilities and fuses it with heavy guitar work, melodic bass undertones that compliment the rest of the band’s sound, and never stopping, intense drumming that has us here at Rock on Request magazine falling head over heels for this band. We predict a great musical future for Destrophy and cannot wait to see what the band has to offer in the years to come.