Anarbor- 'Free Your Mind'
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Review by Anthony Avina


Hailing from sunny Phoenix, AZ, Anarbor is an upcoming pop-rock band whose third album, 'Free Your Mind,' sets out to prove how much of a powerhouse the band really is. With a sound that mixes elements of Fall Out Boy and The Rocket Summer,(both of whom the band has performed and toured with), this southwest band looks to show their wide array of talent.

Featuring Mike Kitlas on rhythm guitar, Slade Echeverria on vocals, Greg Garrity on drums and guitarist Adam Juwig, Anarbor is a force to be reckoned with on the mainstream rock scene. Signed to Hopeless Records, the band adds their unique sound to an ever expanding genre of rock that has captured the eye of many people across this nation. With smooth guitar riffs, upbeat drumming and flawless vocals, this wide array of talent forms together to create an upbeat and always energetic feel that reaches out to all of their fans.

With such great songs as 'Let the Games Begin' and 'Halfway Sober,' 'Free Your Mind' shows the band's variety and ever expanding talent that seems to grow with every passing year. Any fan of mainstream rock and roll and pop should go out and get this album today.