Aimee Allen - A Little Happiness
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Review by Anthony Avina


Most of what comes across my desk is rock bands. However, it is always a nice change of pace when you get to listen to a single artist. So when I came across Aimee Allen's album, 'A Little Happiness,' I knew I was in for a real treat. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, the singer has become an unsung hero among the L.A. music scene.

With a unique voice that brings to mind Gwen Stefani from No Doubt, Allen has been attributed to a lot of projects throughout L.A. and Hollywood. Her song, 'Cooties,' was featured on the soundtrack for the hit movie, 'Hairspray,' while the single from her unreleased album, 'I'd Star a Revolution if I could get up in the Morning,' was featured on the WB television network series, Birds of Prey.

Her latest album truly showcases Allen's unique vocals, and makes one think of a throwback to 40's music mixed with today's innovative punk music. Her songs seem to make you want to get up and dance, with each individual song calling a different style of dance to one's mind. The album can be found this July, and everyone should give it a listen, for it truly captures the attention of anyone who listens to this sultry singer.