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Review by Anthony Avina


IAMX is a UK act that combines electronic music with rock. With the bands third album, 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction' having been released two months ago, this hit act is looking to conquer the music scene with its witty lyrics and electric beats.

The solo project of music artist Chris Corner, IAMX has become a well known act around the electronica scene. Chris Corner is also a founding member of The Sneaker Pimps, the British trip-hop band. Corner's main focus for the band delves into the subjects of sex, death, obsession and alienation. Corner's voice is quite unique, and yet the music itself weirdly brings to mind that of another rock band, She Wants Revenge.

All in all, IAMX's third album looks to break all the rules with death-defying music that will make any club dancer want to stand up and dance. With songs such as 'Nature of Inviting' and 'An I for an I,' his music seems to send a message to all ages and leaves fans always satisfied. For all electronica fans, go pick up 'Kingdom of Welcome Addiction' today.