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Review by Anthony Avina


While finding or listening to an up and coming band is always great, getting the chance to hear a well-established band's latest work is equally great. So when the Sick Puppies' latest album came across my doorstep, I knew right off the bat it was going to be well worth the listen. Their new record, Tri-Polar, marks the bands third album.

Having been influenced by bands such as Silverchair, Rage Against the Machine and Green Day, Sick Puppies has truly become a bright beacon in the rock industry. Originally from Sydney, Australia, the band consists of singer/lead guitarist Shimon Moore, bassist Emma Anzai, and Chris Mileski on drums. The third album is already gaining praise and recognition after the band wrote and performed a song for the release of Capcom's Street Fighter IV video game titled 'Street Fighter (War).' The song has reached the top 40 on the iTunes rock charts, and was used by the Washington Capitals' introduction video during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. As if that wasn't enough, the bands' first single off the album, 'You're Going Down,' was used for the WWE pay per view 'Extreme Rules' in June of 2009.

Should rock fans get the new album from Sick Puppies? If you love hard hitting guitars, non-stop drums, and intense lyrical songs, then the answer is yes. This album just shows how much rock fuels the band, and how rock music has touched every corner of the world, from the shores of Australia to your own backyard.