House of Heroes Meets The Beatles

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House Of Heroes delivers the perfect classic take on three Beatles' classics.


Taking on the task of paying tribute to a band like The Beatles is without a doubt ambitious. There are sure to be people lying in wait ready to pick each attempt apart, refer to it as glorified karaoke, etc. So why did Ohio's own House Of Heroes take this on? Because they could pull it off, and do so effortlessly.

It was evident to me when I first listened to HOH's own fair that there was a solid Beatles influence behind their sound with their own style inflections shining through. I can't think of any current band I would rather listen to covering these great classic songs. From the song choices of 'Cant Buy Me Love', 'It Won't Be Long' and 'Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da' to the decision to keep each track as a genuine tribute rather than "putting their own spin" on them, HOH has proven that paying respect to a band who has inspired far too many other artists to count is entirely possible if done right......and House Of Heroes has done just that.

I only have one negative thing to say about this tribute record. It should have been longer.

Listen to all three HOH Beatles tribute songs here!