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Being born and raised in the 90's, I was never fortunate enough to experience first hand the full power of the 80's pop rock scene. Until now. I recently came across the band On Tracy Lane, and must say I was very impressed. With a blend of soft guitar riffs, smooth melodies, and a pleasant voice to blend it all together, On Tracy Lane shows that rock will never die.

Having been able to capture the spirit of the 80's rock scene, often being compared too the infamous band The Cars, On Tracy Lane has shown that you can be a success without giving up the sound you've always driven to be apart of. With the release of their ep, the band was able to work with engineer producer Michael Puwal, (Insane Clown Posse). Led by singer/songwriter Darryn Yates, the band is able to stay true to their roots.

Based out of St. Louis, MO, the band is made up of singer Darryn, guitarists Anderson and David, bassist Jerry, and drummer Adam. Having been raised and stylized in the familiar sounds of Tom Petty and Dave Pirner, the band has opened for such acts as Phantom Planet, Avril Lavigne, American Hi-Fi, and Local H. We expect to hear great things from this band, and can't wait to see what else they have to offer.